CT Scan

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What is a CT scan?

A CT scan creates 3D images of the body from X-rays taken at a variety of angles. This creates cross-sectional images of the body that can be used to detect infections, tumors, blood clots and cysts.

How are CT scans used in urology?

CT scans allow us to view organs in your abdomen and pelvis. These scans can be used to diagnose kidney stones, recurrent urinary tract infections, renal cysts and prostate, bladder and renal cancers.

What type of CT scan do you use?

We use the GE LightSpeed® CT scanner. Introduced in 1998, this was the world’s first multi-slice scanner. This system provides us with a special feature of variable-speed scanning, which allows greater flexibility to customize patient procedures and perform new types of exams. CT scans that used to take three minutes can now be completed in 20 seconds!

What are the benefits to the patient of using this machine?

  • Better cross-sectional displays and 3D images
  • Fast, accurate scan times
  • Breathing lights assist patients in remaining motionless for the exam
  • Automated dose-reduction