Dr. Hal Rosenbaum | M.D., F.A.C.S.

I have been practicing urology in Louisville and Southern Indiana for 6 years. I take care of hundreds of patients with vaginal atrophy that are either unhappy with the use of vaginal estrogen creams or cannot use these creams due to conditions such as breast cancer. Many women come into the office struggling with dyspareunia (pain with intercourse), vaginal pain/itching, recurrent urinary tract infections, and other conditions such as incontinence. All of these conditions are caused or can be worsened by vaginal atrophy. This can lead to a great deal of frustration, not only for a woman but also their partner, as any relationship can be affected by the above symptoms.

Now there is an option that can help these women. It is called the MonaLisa Touch procedure.

The MonaLisa Touch is a quick, in-office procedure that requires no sedation, no downtime, and is virtually painless. This procedure can produce long-lasting and significant improvements in the symptoms and problems produced by vaginal atrophy. During the treatments, most women describe it as a mild vibration that they can feel. The treatment time is generally between two and three minutes. You can drive yourself to and from the appointment since there is no sedation required.

It is a phenomenal option for women who have vaginal atrophy and also have a history of breast or any gynecologic cancer. Women that are getting unsatisfactory results with vaginal estrogen creams are also ideal candidates. I have found there is a large group of women that are interested in the MonaLisa Touch simply because they are hesitant to use any type of hormonal compounds or creams.

I started treating patients from Louisville and Southern Indiana in January and I am very excited about what First Urology is offering in terms of Women's Health.