Restore your confidence. Enhance your performance. Explore the latest technology for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. 

What is UroWave?

UroWave is a non-invasive, in-office procedure that can help restore and improve erectile function. 

How does UroWave work?

This new technology can improve erectile function by the precise application of acoustic pressure waves to several areas of the penis. These pressure waves are delivered via a pressure wave applicator which is non-invasive. This acoustic energy results in Neovascularization (forming of new blood vessels) and the repair of existing blood vessels in the penis. The result is increased blood flow within the penis which stimulates the ability to both achieve and maintain erections.

How is this treatment performed?

Coupling gel is applied to the penis to enhance effectiveness. After this preparation, acoustic pressure waves are administered via the applicator. Four distinct areas of the penis are treated with each treatment site receiving 500-1,000 acoustic pressure waves. Treatment sessions take approximately 15-20 minutes and does not require anesthesia.

Is UroWave safe?

Yes. A wealth of medical experience and state of the art engineering has been built into each device and extensive clinical studies have confirmed that UroWave is safe and effective. First Urology is the only physician group in the area administering this treatment under the direct supervision of a Board-Certified Urologist. We believe that since erectile dysfunction is a urologic condition it should be treated by Urologists as part of an overall commitment to men’s health.

To learn more about UroWave, call 502-389-4080, to schedule your free consultation with a Board-Certified Urologist.

Learn more about First Urology’s UroWave and view FAQs by visiting UroWaveLouisville.COM

Acoustic pressure waves are delivered to the penis via a pressure wave applicator. This acoustic energy, also referred to as pulse wave therapy, results in neovascularization (forming of new blood vessels) and enhances the functioning of existing blood vessels. The increased number of blood vessels and the enhanced functioning of those blood vessels results in improved erections.

I encourage men to call around and get pricing at other places that offer similar services. What you'll find is First Urology is far more affordable, and you actually see the doctors that are trained to treat this condition. Great care, great results, at an affordable price. I wouldn't go anyplace else.

Louisville, KY

I felt the results of UroWave after my second treatment. My confidence is back! My wife and I are enjoying this new chapter in our lives. I can't thank First Urology enough.

Louisville, KY