Urodynamic Testing

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What is urodynamic testing?

Urodynamic tests are performed to check for urinary incontinence and evaluate your bladder’s efficiency and function.

Why is urodynamic testing done?

Urodynamic tests may be performed when:

  • You have moderate to severe involuntary urination
  • Your doctor suspects there are multiple causes for your incontinence
  • Other tests do not determine the cause of your incontinence
  • You are considering having surgery

How are urodynamic tests performed?

For basic testing, you should arrive with a full bladder. You will urinate into a container while the volume of urine and the rate at which the bladder empties are measured. Next, a catheter is inserted into the bladder to measure the volume of any remaining urine. At this point, the bladder may be filled with water through the catheter until you have the first urge to urinate. More water may be added, while you resist urinating, until involuntary urination occurs.