OAB Patient Care Navigator

First Urology is committed to providing world-class service in every aspect of patient care. 

The intent of First Urology’s Overactive Bladder Voiding Clinic Patient Care Navigator is to provide patients with an understanding of what is happening with their healthcare so they are armed to make informed decisions regarding their treatment plan.

Our Patient Care Navigator (PCN) will guide patients through the care received from this specialty clinic to ensure your treatment needs are being met. The Patient Care Navigator will contact you regularly to help you understand your diagnosis, coordinate communication between you and your urologist, facilitate treatment (including appointment and diagnostic testing) in a timely manner, inform you about other services available to you as well as guide you through the next step towards significant improvement in achieving improved quality of life. Your openness combined with our guidance and support is key to successful treatment to maintain independence and quality of life at every age.

Overactive Bladder (OAB) Voiding Clinic

Our Patient Care Navigator will assist each patient in organizing and understanding their treatment provided by our OAB Voiding Clinic. The purpose of this clinic is to manage and offer alternative therapy to medications to ensure patients achieve their desired outcome as well as an understanding of the care they receive. Our Patient Care Navigator will ensure that those affected with OAB symptoms have guidance through all the phases of the OAB Care Pathway and will guide patients/caregivers to make informed decisions and collaborate with the multidisciplinary healthcare team to allow for timely diagnosis, testing and treatment across the OAB patient pathway. Our goal at First Urology is to provide the best care for our patients. Our Patient Care Navigator is here to extend a hand to our patients and guide them through the care they receive.

Meet our Patient Care Navigator

Bonnie Shelton has been with First Urology since 1998. She has worked with our physicians and staff to ensure each patient receives the best care when visiting our offices. When it came time for us to select a Patient Care Navigator, Bonnie was the clear choice as she has extensive knowledge of urology and the proper protocol when dealing in patient care. Along with her understanding of the OAB Voiding Clinic, Bonnie possesses a compassionate disposition and genuinely cares for our patients and their individual needs. To reach Bonnie Shelton for assistance in the above treatments, please call (502) 716-5248.