The only 2-part DNA test that unlocks the code to clearing chronic urological infections. 

About Pathnostics


How does Pathnostics benefit you?

Having a precise and accurate identification of the microbes (bacterial and fungal) causing your infection will provide your physician with the information they need to make the most appropriate treatment decisions, resulting in better outcomes and faster pain relief. 

How does Pathnostics work?

First Urology’s Lab will be performing an initial urology PCR (Part 1) test that uses a targeted panel to identify the most common bacteria within your infection in just 1 business day. 

The follow up test (Part 2) will use a diagnostic tool that provides a broader detection capability to identify bacteria and/or fungi not able to be found in the initial panel that could likely be the contributing factors causing your urological infection. Pathnostics uses new scientific advancements in genomic testing to detect all microbes within your urological infection with 99.9% accuracy for targeted treatment decisions. 

DNA Test 1

Sample collection occurs at the First Urology office where Part 1 is run for rapid detection and to help determine the most effective antibiotic(s). Within 24 hours your First Urology physician will have the initial results and can make a preliminary treatment decision. 

DNA Test 2

Your physician will make a  decision to send your urine to the Pathnostics  Laboratory for Part 2:  This comprehensive test identifies all of the microbes that PCR may have missed in the preliminary test, and the test results are delivered within 3-5 business days for truly personalized medicine.

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First Urology’s Pathnostics lab located at the main office in Jeffersonville, Indiana.