Dr. John Jurige | M.D.

The last 15 years have seen tremendous changes in the evaluation and treatment of prostate cancer. We have more effective methods to evaluate and diagnose men at risk. We understand the biological behavior of the disease better and can finally offer less invasive precise therapy to many men.

The most significant advances in the last 25 years are the ability to use precisely targeted biopsy techniques that couple MRI fusion with real-time ultrasound. This has allowed urologists to counsel patients concerning the most appropriate treatment options.

Active surveillance, whole gland treatment (using surgery, ultrasound ablation, radiation therapy in various forms, and cryotherapy), and focal therapy using ultrasound ablation should be discussed in patients with the precisely defined local disease.

Patients with higher risk disease need to be counseled regarding local and systemic measures that now include more effective chemotherapy, newer hormonal modulators, and immunotherapy.

After extensive use in over 40 countries, including our overseas sites, Sonablate HIFU has been approved by the FDA.

We at First Urology are pleased to be the first regional Center of Excellence using the Sonablate HIFU system.

HIFU can provide precise and complete destruction of prostate cancer while preserving normal bladder and erectile function is most men.

This has been my experience over the 8 year period that I have been using the Sonablate HIFU system.

Long studies confirm the effectiveness of the Sonablate compared to other more invasive therapies, stage-for-stage.

I believe that in the coming years, HIFU will be accepted as the preferred therapy for men with early prostate cancer.