Dr. John Jurige | M.D.

First Urology is the first in the region to provide MRI/ultrasound fusion biopsy.  This advanced technology allows for a more precise assessment of the prostate in order to more accurately determine the presence or absence of prostate cancer. In addition, the precise location and extent of cancers can be determined, which gives patients the opportunity to receive better counseling concerning treatment options. For many patients, less invasive options can be appropriate.

MRI/ ultrasound fusion biopsy is particularly valuable in the following groups of patients:

  1. Patients with an increasing PSA who have had prior benign biopsies
  2. Patients with a family history of prostate cancer and an elevated PSA
  3. Patients currently receiving surveillance or watchful waiting for early prostate cancer
  4. Patients with an increasing PSA following therapy
  5. Patients who are considering less invasive or focal therapy for prostate cancer
  6. Patients who are uncertain about which treatment is best for them

To learn more about MRI/ultrasound fusion biopsy, please visit the Services section of our website.