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Vasectomy Reversal Surgery

On average, 5% of men who have had a previous vasectomy eventually desire vasectomy reversal surgery in order to have additional children. Many of these men are involved in new relationships but a large minority of men desire additional children for their family or have suffered the loss of a child.

Many factors contribute to the ultimate success of vasectomy reversal surgery, including both male and female factors, the skill and experience of the microsurgeon, and the presence of expert hospital and ancillary staff. Male factors include time since vasectomy, previous scrotal or inguinal surgery, obesity, tobacco use, and overall health, while important female factors include age, cycle regularity, tobacco use, previous tubal disease, and previous fertility. The experience and training of the microsurgeon is important as is the use of careful and reproducible microscopic technique, meticulous patient selection, and accurate patient counseling. Finally, few hospitals or outpatient surgical centers have a dedicated microsurgery team, whose experience and assistance are invaluable to obtaining outstanding, consistent results.

Vasectomy reversal surgery carries a very high success rate in properly screened and selected patients. If you have interest in perhaps becoming a father again, additional detailed information is available at www.DrShep.com.