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Advanced Therapy Center

First Urology is committed to providing world-class service in every aspect of patient care. The physicians at First Urology developed the Advanced Therapy Center to focus on all of the latest available therapies for advanced prostate cancer. Our providers have dedicated their practices and have focused their patient load to focus on advanced prostate cancer treatment.

Incredible progress has recently been made in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. We now have many new treatment options which were not available to us only a few years ago. By collaborating with our surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, and our research department, we have been able to improve both the quality and the duration of the lives of men with prostate cancer.

Your relationship with your current urologist is a vital link in the treatment chain. Your relationship will be preserved and we will keep him informed in every step of your prostate cancer therapy.

Our treatment team, under the direction of Drs. Jim Bailen and Greg Steinbock, welcome the opportunity to provide you with further information and/or assistance. For more information or to schedule an evaluation please call 812-282-3899. Or email our Nurse Practitioner, Jenny Leanhart, directly at j.leanhart@1sturology.com.